Pastoral Care connects people who are physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually frail to the parish community.

The Blessings of Pastoral Care

We are called to be Christ’s healing presence, offering comfort, support, prayers, and God’s love. Compassion, empathy, and commitment are essential. Being a good listener and being open to others and their stories requires flexibility in time commitments.

Our Commitment

Volunteers may choose their area of involvement, e.g., taking Communion to those who are homebound, hospital ministry, or leading a service at a nursing home. There needs to be a commitment of presence when a person is scheduled. Generally, once a week for 2 – 3 hours is all that is required. Volunteers at the hospital or other care facilities may have additional requirements such as paperwork, a police check, and/or a TB test, depending on the institution.


Training for Pastoral Care at the Sturgeon Hospital involves 4 evenings twice a year. Resources are available as well as resource people who are willing to share their experiences. People who feel called to this ministry will be mentored with people already involved. A pastoral care training course is also available through the Archdiocese of Edmonton.