225019712 ebdb03013f bPrayer Laudators pray for the needs of our parish community. Prayer is very beneficial and essential especially for those who feel isolated from the community, so that they can maintain a connection with the community.

The Blessings of Being a Prayer Laudator

Prayer Laudators believe in the power of prayer, pray with an open mind, and are open to the outcome of prayer. The power of prayer is affirmed throughout Scripture. Strength, comfort, and compassion are given and received.

Our Commitment

Charity, compassion, and a willingness to be of service are essential. Laudators are contacted once a week with a prayer list. Prayers are for general and specific intentions and confidentiality is respected at all times. There are various ways to pray (rosary, book of prayers, spontaneous prayers from the heart, etc.), and each person is welcome to pray whatever way is comfortable to them.


The group may get together for the occasional potluck to share their experiences and ideas. Resources and workshops can be requested.